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Automation Evolved

  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds


Gradle is completely open source (ASLv2 license) and is a community driven development effort, led by Gradleware.


The Gradle development team use a mailing list to discuss issues around the development of Gradle itself. This list is open for anyone to join or participate in.

To manage your subscription, send an email to the following addresses: [subscribe] [unsubscribe]

You can also browse/search the list via Nabble and MarkMail

Source Code

The source code is hosted @ GitHub and is publicly viewable and forkable. An atom feed of the commits is available through GitHub.


Naturally, Gradle itself builds with Gradle. For instructions on building the project from source, see the README file in the root of the source tree.


If you are interested in contributing to Gradle, checkout the contributing page that lists ideas that have been identified as good candidates for community contributions.

Continuous Builds

Gradle has many continuous builds setup for different environments. You can see the builds @

Successful Gradle Users